Thursday, May 29, 2014

Vine Rug and Hyenas

Hey Jammers! Hyenas have come to Jamaa! They are being sold at the Diamond Shop.
AJ Jump, one of Animal Jam's apps is on sale! It's your chance to buy it cheaper!
 The summer carnival has arrived! You can arrive there by clicking signs in Jamaa.
 The cruise ship party is here for the summer as well. The Bahari Bargains shop is having a sale! Buy anything you like at a cheaper price!
 The den portals are now located at Jam Mart Furniture and at the Mystery Emporium. One den portal is sold at the Diamond Shop and it's available for anyone. The Sunken Treasures shop is selling ocean den portals as well.
 The phoenix armor is leaving the diamond shop soon so buy it if you have the chance! The new armor is the spirit armor.
Onto regular news, there is a new den item located at Jam Mart Furniture!
There is a new video at the Sarepia theater.
Lastly, there are 2 new posts from The Daily Explorer!

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