Thursday, May 15, 2014

Underwater Grand Piano and Hyenas

Hey Jammers! First off, there is a new adventure!

The hummingbirds, have come to Jamaa! These used to come with a certain purchase of something, I can't remember right now. Also the new animal is... a hyena! I'm excited to see how they turn out!

You can buy den portals and put it in your den, then decide which friend's den you want to be go to and just walk into the portal! It's located at the Lost Temple Of Zios near Brady's lab. I personally don't really think it's all that useful since you could always just type in your friends username and go there. 

The summer carnival is coming soon! Hopefully they make more new items, the shiver shoppe is having a 50% off sale! It's a great chance to get items you may like for cheaper.

As some of you already know, The Daily Explorer has been changed.
Onto the regular news, the new den item for today is located at Sunken Treasures.
Lastly, there is a new post from The Daily Explorer about the new adventure.

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