Friday, May 2, 2014

Sparkly Head Bow and Pet Cheetahs

Hey Jammers! Pet cheetahs have come to Jamaa! However, they will come in and out of the Diamond Shop, so that's why they have the clearance sign on them already.

The water-park den has returned for the summer! You can also hang out at the heatwave party.
There is a new animal coming to Jamaa! I wonder what it will be. New adventures are coming soon.
You can change servers from your settings now! The doorbell feature is pretty neat for when you're making a "shop" in your den and you want to know how many people have went so far.
The new item for today is located at Jam Mart Clothing!
There is a new birthstone at Epic Wonders!
The sunken Graham tiki statue is also located at the Sunken Treasures shop
Lastly, there are two new posts from The Daily Explorer!

The Daily Explorer has changed it's layout, I think it's pretty neat!

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