Thursday, June 26, 2014

Straw Hat and Pet Giraffes

Hey Jammers! There are new pet giraffes! They can be bought at The Diamond Shop!

There is a new den, the Crystal Palace! It can be bought at The Diamond Shop as well.
The freedom party is here, you can also learn about the lions at the Conservation Museum!
There is a hard mode for the adventure 'Bubble Trouble' now! You can enter the ocean adventure base through a tunnel in Bahari Bay.
Rhinos are returning from their travels soon! I wonder if they'll bring anything back.
Epic Wonders is having a sale! I suggest buying anything you like there since, usually it's pretty pricey. Also, you can design your own accessory and AJHQ, if they like it enough will make it an actual item!
Onto other news, there is a new item located at the Jam Mart Clothing store!
The ocean base camp music can be bought at The Diamond Shop as well.
There is a new video at Tierney's theater as well.

Lastly, have you noticed the light blinking around the items when you go to decorate your den?

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