Friday, June 13, 2014

Pro Soccer Ball and Underwater Adventures

Hey Jammers! Sorry I didn't post for a couple days, I just got on summer break so hopefully things will be more smooth now. Anyhow, there is a new adventure, this time underwater! Not only that, it's also for members and nonmembers!

The daily spin was changed a bit, the chance of getting diamonds is higher and there is a little present box that contains a rare prize! New colours have been added as well.

Spirit armor has arrived and can be bought at The Diamond Shop. The Flag Shop is also having a sale!
AJHQ is having a contest and you can design an accessory and if it's a really cool idea AJHQ will create it! There are also some printable pages about helping animals in the wild at the Medical Center.

Lions in Jamaa are becoming endangered! They won't be available in The Diamond Shop after June 26th.

Onto other news, there is a new item located at Jam Mart Furniture!
Lastly, to end this post are 3 new posts from The Daily Explorer!

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