Sunday, April 27, 2014

Dirt Bike

Hey Jammers! There is a new den item located at Jam Mart Furniture!

There is a new video at the Aquarium theater!
 There is a new video at Brady's theater as well.

There is a new post on The Daily Explorer on the new phantom armor!

Anyhow, in other news there is a new feature on the parent dashboard. You can disable trading or gifting. That means that you may not trade anyone as well as they can't trade you. It works the same way with gifting too. 
Another new feature is that new non-members can't use safe-chat (You can type normally). It stinks if you just join the game and want to try it out but, you can't even have safe-chat, it would take the fun out of the game since the main part is to be able to chat. Seems like AJHQ has been trying any way to get people to buy membership. 

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